Welcome to Further Confusion 2022, Millennium Edition

Thursday, January 13th - Monday, January 17th
San Jose Convention Center

What is Further Confusion?

Further Confusion, often shortened to FurCon or FC, is an annual furry convention in San Jose, CA. Our schedule features exciting events, educational panels, nightly dance parties, and more. At FurCon, you’ll find something fun for everyone!.

FurCon is an event by Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, a 501(c)(3). We are a non-profit event, and benefit a different local charity of interest to our attendees each year. We are run by a team of over 250 incredible volunteers, by and for our community. Our goals are simple: create an exciting weekend of memorable fun, while raising money for a worthwhile cause.

So what’s a furry? In a general sense, the furry community is large and diverse group of people, brought together by a shared interest in anthropomorphic animals. These are often animal or animal-themed characters in movies, cartoons, books, or comics. Many of our attendees create characters of their own, and some even attend in costume. But you don’t have to be a furry to attend; we’re a welcoming bunch! Come check us out, and you’re sure to have a good time.

Return to in person events

In 2020, just before the COVID pandemic, FurCon was one of the last in person furry conventions with an attendance of over 4000 attendees. In order to provide a safe environment the 2021 convention went completely online with over 400 attendees gathering in digital spaces. We are happy to announce that for the year 2022 we are returning to an in person at the same location, the San Jose Convention center. We will be providing extra protections and a detailed COVID policy. Running a physical convention of this magnitude during a pandemic comes with extra considerations of all levels from city, to statewide, federal, and the attendees themselves. Because of this we ask you to watch our social media feeds for announcements on hotel, registration, and other time sensitive dates.