Conbook Guidelines

Conbook submissions are currently open!

Any submissions to the Further Confusion 2022 conbook will have a final deadline of December 15, 2021. (Extensions will be on a case-by-case basis at the con’s discretion; contact us ASAP if you think you may need more time!)

Illustrations, short fiction, articles, poems, and advertisements are all welcome! All submissions should fit the overall theme of Further Confusion by featuring primarily therianthropic or anthropomorphic characters, and should also fit the 2022 theme of “The Millenium” OR a year 2000 Y2K theme. We also welcome submissions with a focus on San Jose, furry conventions in general, or the impact of our community.

Submissions may not contain explicit sex or violence and should limit rough language; in short, suitable for teens and older. Artwork may be black and white, grayscale, or four-color in CMYK format. Not every submission will be published, in part because available page space is limited. Please e-mail before sending submissions to make appropriate arrangements for transferring large files (>10MB).

Submission Sizes

Text submissions should not exceed five pages in length; as a rule of thumb, a page averages roughly 5,000 characters. Illustrations and advertisements should be roughly one of the sizes listed below. We reserve the right to adjust sizing to accommodate page margins if needed.

Size Safety area Trim Bleed Ad Rate
(Paid Advertisements Only)
Full Page 7 1/2" wide × 10" tall 8 1/2" wide × 11" tall 8 3/4" wide × 11 1/4" tall $100
Half Page 7 1/2" wide × 4 7/8" tall N/A N/A $50
Quarter Page 3 5/8" wide × 4 7/8" tall N/A N/A $25

Safety is the area within which all critical information must appear, such as text and important image elements. Text should never be too close to the edge of a submission, including artist signatures!

Trim is the actual size of the page.

Bleed is the required size for artwork that is intended to extend all the way to the edge of the page. If art that extends to the edge of the page does not allow for a bleed, the art may need to be altered as needed to include a bleed (most commonly: placed on a white background).

Ad rate is the fee an advertiser must pay to place an advertisement in the program book, unless another arrangement, such as a trade, is made with Further Confusion.

File Formats

Please name all submitted files clearly and distinctly so they are easy to identify. Certain types of files are better suited than others for high-end print publishing. PDF, PNG, JPG, and AI/EPS (for vector images) are the most common formats we receive. Please export Photoshop files to one of the mentioned image formats. Images should be 300dpi CMYK, not RGB. Be sure to flatten layered images before sending them.

For story submissions, Word documents or RTF text is fine for submission. To present a uniform look and feel, all text submissions will be laid out using the conbook’s template for that year. Aside from advertisements, no other layout will be used for text submissions. Poetry may demand specific spacing and line wraps; the published layout will adhere to these specifics as closely as possible.

Page Layout

Advertisements combining text and images in full-fledged graphic design should be submitted as PDF files, provided they have been checked thoroughly for font or color problems.

Any other questions?

If your question has not been answered by the above information, please feel free to contact