Dealer Room Information

Further Confusion 2023 Dealer Applications closed on
Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Current Dealers

Review the full Further Confusion Vendor Rules

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ThursdayDealer Check-In & Setup: 1pm – 10pm (loading dock access times will depend on union scheduling)
FridayDealer Setup: 9am
Open hours: 11am – 6pm
SaturdayDealer Setup: 10am
Open hours: 11am – 6pm
SundayDealer Setup: 10am
Open hours: 11am – 6pm
Dealer Tear-down: 6pm – 10pm (loading dock access times will depend on union scheduling)


Further Confusion 2023 Dealer Applications will open:

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. PST!

The application window will close at the end of:

  • Saturday, September 3, 2022.

Tables are not first-come, first-served. Following the close of the application window, all dealer applications will be given equal consideration by the Selection Committee without regard to submission order. Please take your time when submitting!

A note about COVID-19 / Monkeypox

We’re still working on determining how, specifically, the convention will be handling distancing and other related considerations. Please know we are safety-conscious and looking to the CDC, as well as state and local governments and regulatory bodies, for guidance. As a result, there may be fewer dealers selected for 2023 to allow for more distance between tables and a safer environment for all. For moe details see our Covid-19 Policy.

Our policies

There are several important aspects of our Dealer Rooms policies that you should review and be familiar with prior to applying for table space. We encourage all of our potential dealers to completely review our rules and policies regarding selling goods and services at Further Confusion in advance of applying. Though we do not anticipate being able to accept all applicants, we want to make the selection process fair and positive for all our applicants and to provide our dealers and attendees alike with a fantastic experience in January.


Dealer’s Room table rates are as follows:

TypeSizeCost (USD)
Half Table3ft x 2ft
(914mm x 609mm)
Full Table6ft x 2ft
(1828mm x 609mm)
Double Table12ft x 2ft
(3657mm x 609mm)
Booth10ft x 10ft
(3048mm x 3048mm)
one table included
second table optional
Artist Alley1-Day sales
half-table 3ft x 2ft
(914mm x 609mm)
$30/daylottery sign-ups
in September/October

Power drops require an additional $75 fee

Requesting power will affect your seating placement, and powered tables must be placed together. Unfortunately, the Artist Alley will not have access to electricity.

Further Confusion has decoupled table fees from convention memberships. This makes the process easier and more flexible for dealers as well as staff:

Dealer table fees do not include convention membership.

You will be asked to register for your convention membership through our standard membership portal.

Why? We want to provide our dealers and their assistants with the most flexible options available for their memberships, whether that is as Attending members, Sponsors, Super Sponsors, or even as Volunteers. Decoupling memberships also makes a more clear delineation between dealer table fees (which are refundable) and memberships (which are non-refundable donations to Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc.).

Table fees MUST be paid in full within 30 days of receiving our invoice via Square

  • Unless prior arrangements have been made!

  • Convention registration does not have to be completed by this point, but should be done before December 31st.

  • All vendors should complete their registration by the close of our pre-registration window, or you will have to register on-site and will not be able to pick up your badge at Dealer Check-In! Pre-registration has not yet opened. You will receive an email when it opens.


About table fees

The vendor halls in the Convention Center require much higher rental and labor costs than the old Marriott ballroom. We have structured our pricing to reach as close to a net-neutral income as possible while still having lower-cost options available. Table, booth, and power fees do not represent a source of income for the convention. In response to vendor negotiations and more accurate estimates, we may adjust our prices between convention years.

More about power fees

In the Convention Center, we are no longer able to use our own power equipment as we have for previous years. Unfortunately, this significantly increases the cost of supplying power. To keep the dealer base costs down, we have made powered tables optional, and will be seating “powered” dealers together to share power access and minimize the costs. If you require more than 500W of power, please speak with us for special arrangements. However, if you only require a “top-up” on your cell phone or tablet, we will have rechargeable USB battery packs available to lend. Just bring your device cable!

Regarding load-in and display materials

We anticipate that vendors with rolling luggage, rolling carts, or boxes that can be carried by hand will have no issue loading into the Dealer space themselves (multiple trips are okay). Those with extra-large rolling carts, pallets, or more elaborate “booth” equipment should coordinate with Team San Jose staff to safely load-in their equipment using a predetermined time window for loading dock access. We will inquire about load-in needs in a survey given to approved vendors so we can plan the most efficient schedule for our union crew.

Note: setups requiring power tools to construct may incur additional fees from the venue.


Further Confusion’s Dealer selection is a juried process, not “first-come, first-served.”

Who decides and how?

The Selection Committee is comprised of a minimum of five individuals who include members of the Board of Directors of Anthropomorphic Arts and Education, Inc., Further Confusion volunteers, and other furry fans who we feel bring in differing perspectives and opinions. They are selected by the Dealer Lead to represent a mix of interests, ages, and demographics to do our best to have a fair and balanced selection.

We cannot guarantee that every member of the Selection Committee is familiar with the work/wares of every dealer that may apply. Additionally, we understand that a dealer’s available inventory changes over time. Effective use of space is also a factor in dealer selection, particularly when determining how much space to allocate to a dealer. If you are new to the convention circuit or do not have a picture of your setup, a mockup (i.e., set up your “table” at your house) works well, or even a drawing of how you intend to use table space. Thoughtful use of space goes a long way!

Why does Further Confusion keep applications open for a week or more?

We recognize that our dealers make up a broad cross-section of the community, with different obligations, schedules, accessibility considerations, and computer/internet availability; we also realize that technical glitches and failures happen, for applicants and conventions alike. With this in mind, we are not factoring application time or order received, and instead will score all received applications based on their content alone.


Based on experience over the past few years, we are limiting the number of available waiting list slots for Further Confusion Dealer Rooms to ~35.

  • Waiting list slots will be assigned based on Selection Committee ranking. We will make our best effort to keep dealers informed of their position on the waitlist.

  • Waitlisted dealers may still apply for the Artist Alley without giving up their waitlist spot, but may only vend in one area at the convention.

Under certain conditions, and pending approval from the Dealer Rooms Lead, dealers may share their tables with another dealer who was not selected through the Dealer Rooms selection process.

  • Dealers wishing to share their table must be accepted and registered for a Full Table or a Booth in the Dealer Rooms.

  • Half Tables and Double Tables may not be shared.

  • If a Full Table or Booth is shared, each business entity must have their own California Seller’s Permit on file.

  • All table share requests must be made by December 31.


As we have done in the past, we believe we will be able to give advanced booking to our dealers. However, we are still working with the hotel and therefore do not yet have dates or a guarantee for this early booking - but we’re going to try to make it all work as usual! Hotel booking information will be sent as part of the dealer acceptance emails.

  • We prefer the hotel reservation use the same legal name as the primary dealer contact for each business.

  • You won’t have to know who your roommates are yet, and will be able to add them to your room reservation later on in the year.

  • Accepted dealers will have at least a one-week early booking window in advance of the general hotel opening, if it can be arranged.


Every business selling (in either the Dealer Rooms or the Artist Alley) will need to have a valid California Seller’s Permit. We will be verifying your seller’s permits in advance and at Dealer Check-In. Unfortunately we cannot do this for you, but they are easily applied-for online. Please see Section 2 of the Vendor Rules for more information on obtaining a California Seller’s Permit.

Note: You do not need to have your permit number prior to applying for the Dealer Rooms or Artist Alley, but MUST have it available no later than Dealer Check-In. If we cannot verify your permit number at that time, we cannot allow you to vend in our Dealer Rooms. The Vendor Rules include further details regarding applying for a California Seller’s Permit.


The Artist Alley lottery will open in September/October, and will remain open for one month. Artist Alley spaces will be drawn at random from all applicants on a per-day basis, and and are all single-day seats. There will be 14 seats per day, and in the event of a no-show, walk-up table placement will be first-come, first-served. Artist Alley vendors who fail to claim a seat within the first 30 minutes of the opening of the Dealer Rooms to attendees will forfeit their slot unless prior arrangements have been made with the Dealer Lead. Note: access to electricity is not available in the Artist Alley. More information here.


The schedule and location listed above are what we are targeting for Dealer’s Check-In and setup. Barring unforeseen schedule-impacting events, these are the times that we will be able to let dealers check in and begin setup. If there are unforeseen schedule impacting events we will make announcements via our Twitter feed, email newsletter, and update board located at the entrance to the Dealer Rooms.


  1. A government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or a passport with the legal name under which you registered.

  2. A copy of your California Seller’s Permit that must be kept at your table during all business hours.


Every Dealer seat comes with the ability to designate another member of the convention as an assistant. Your assistants will be able to check-in and get their convention badges with you at Dealer Check-In, but only if (a) they have pre-registered for the convention, and (b) you have provided their information to the the Dealer Lead in advance via the form sent after dealer selection. Otherwise they will need to register at the convention, or pick their badges up from the standard Pre-Registration line.

We will follow up with selected dealers later in the year to collect assistant information. You may change assistants later if necessary, we understand plans can change. When submitting an assistant, please make sure of the following two things:

  1. Make sure they are registered with the convention at any membership level.

  2. Fill out the form once for each assistant you’re designating (form will be sent out later this year).

If you have any questions

Please let us know promptly so that we can address them as quickly as possible. Feel free to shoot us an email at We are looking forward to working with all of you during this coming year to make Further Confusion’s Dealer Rooms and Artist Alley better than ever!