Generating Dealers Hub

For 2022 we created a form for dealers to submit links and images (in lieu of being able to sell at the cancelled in-person event).

This is roughly the equivalent to the small image grid (minud the larger sponsor images) from the 2021 Virtual FC Dealers Hub, and this code is based on that. There are some changes between implementing in Hugo vs Wordpress.

Local building process

Open the Form results GSheet and download it as a CSV. Note the path, which for demo purposes we’ll call responses_0117.csv. (Appending the date helps us if we want to re-process responses later.)

Open the Submitted images GDrive folder and right-click the “Upload a 300 x 300 png…” folder to Download the folder as a zip file. Doing it this way assigns each image a correct timestamp, which will help us later. Place the unzipped images into the /content/dealers/hub/ folder. (You may need to overwrite all existing if you cloned from the repo.)

Run ./generate.rb ./responses_0117.csv. It will output any error messages and then update dealers/hub/ with the new shortcode info and a new date.

Google Drive files (auth required)

Further Confusion Staff
Further Confusion Staff