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If you are vending in the Dealers Den, Night Market, or Artist Alley and need to ship to Further Confusion, here is some information to help you do so effectively.

How to Ship to Further Confusion


Address packages to the attention of the name reservation is under, along with the hotel’s full address, including any specific department or event details. Clearly label the packages with “Hold for Guest Arrival” or similar instructions, including the date of your arrival. Ensure you provide contact information, including your full name, company, and a reachable phone number. Additionally, consider using a reliable shipping carrier that offers tracking services to monitor the shipment’s progress. If you are shipping something particularly large, please call the hotel to confirm their policies to avoid any complications.

San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Larger packages, please consider shipping specifically to the convention center. More details about shipping to the FedEx store there, along with pricing, is available here. Please note that the FedEx store is not open on weekends or holidays, which means you will not be able to use it for shipping Saturday, Sunday, or the Monday after the event (MLK Day). Packages should be labeled specifically:

[Guest Name] [Guest Cell Phone Number]
c/o FedEx Office at Signia by Hilton San Jose
170 S. Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
Attn: Further Confusion 2024
Box [Number] of [Total Number]

San Jose Marriott

The Marriott charges a $10 handling fee for each package. Please ship according to the General instructions provided above.

301 S Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113

San Jose Hilton

The Hilton charges a $10 handling fee for each package. Please ship according to the General instructions provided above.

300 Almaden Blvd
San Jose, CA 95110

Other Hotels

If you are staying at a different hotel, please see the instructions for the Convention Center or reach out to your hotel directly to determine your options for shipping.


Further Confusion assumes no responsibility for the shipment of any packages. Any shipping arrangements made by individuals, vendors, or participants are solely their own responsibility. The organization shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or delay related to the shipping of packages, including but not limited to, delivery errors, theft, or any other shipping-related issues. Individuals are advised to make appropriate arrangements and take necessary precautions for the safe and timely delivery of their packages.


For questions, comments, or clarification to these rules and guidelines, please email dealers@furtherconfusion.org or business@furtherconfusion.org.