We are currently in the process of updating to FC2025. Information displayed may be out of date or missing. Please check back regularly for the latest updates.

Hotel Information

Checking into an FC hotel by @miniyasha101


The hotel block is now closed.

Our hotel block is officially closed. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

All of our hotels have sent communication in regard to declined reservations. If you received an email from our coordinator, please ensure you read and acknowledge it ASAP. If you did not receive an email then your reservation is confirmed.

Note: A systematic issue occurred where Passkey will not update with a hotel acknowledgement. Please double-check your form of payment to see if you were charged. If so, you can contact your hotel for the confirmation number (or wait for the week of FurCon). If not, please email hotel@furcon.org for assistance.

Given the challenges faced this year, we have been carefully listening to feedback posted in our channels and evaluating the lottery process. We acknowledge that improvements can be made. Rest assured, we are committed to enhancing the process for next year’s event to ensure a fairer distribution of room bookings.

We understand the importance of a smooth booking experience, and we are taking steps to streamline the process for your convenience. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our dedicated support team will be available to assist you. You can reach them by sending an email to hotel@furtherconfusion.org

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Our Hotels

Further confusion is proud to return to San Jose for another year. Located in the heart of the downtown, the San Jose Convention Center has two attached hotels as well as a number of surrounding hotels. We’ve contracted with many of these hotels to get you the best experience at the best price.

Map #HotelAddress
1San Jose Marriott301 S Market Street, 95113
2Hilton San Jose300 S Almaden Blvd, 95110
3Hyatt Place San Jose282 Almaden Blvd, 95113
4Westin San Jose302 S Market Street, 95113
5Hotel De Anza by Hyatt233 W Santa Clara St, 95113
6AC Hotel by Marriott350 W Santa Clara St, 95113
-Signia by Hilton San Jose170 S Market Street, 95113

Map of Further Confusion hotels

Guest Room Details

Room Types

All of our hotels offer room with either 1 King bed or 2 Full/Double beds. Rooms typically include a flat-screen TV, work area, complimentary wifi for registered guests, and a coffee machine in-room with complimentary coffee/tea. Some rooms, such as “corner” kings, offer more space and may include amenities like an extra couch. Full details on each room type can be found on the hotel booking site.

Suites are much larger rooms that include additional furniture. Suites are exclusive to the Marriott and Hilton, and cost approximately $450/night (+taxes/fees). Due to high demand and extremely limited supply, suites are not available for direct booking. To request a suite, email hotel@furtherconfusion.org with details on your request and an existing hotel reservation confirmation code from our booking site (that confirmation code can be for any room type).


Valet and/or self-service parking are available at each of the hotels for a nominal fee, and additional parking options are available throughout downtown San Jose. Be advised that you may not sleep in your car/truck/camper at the hotel/convention center. Check out the Travel page for more parking information.

Party Floor

The party floor is hosted in the Marriott hotel. All rooms on the party floor (whether hosting a party or not) are subject to a refundable $250 deposit at check-in. We understand that this places a frustrating financial burden on our party hosts, but this deposit ensures that the Marriott is comfortable supporting the party floor. To learn more about the Party Floor please visit the dedicated Party Floor page.

Pet Policy

There are no pets allowed in the convention space at Further Confusion. While the Marriott does allow pets in sleeping rooms with an additional fee, they do NOT allow animals to be left unattended in rooms, and animals are not permitted in the convention spaces. FurCon is an extremely busy, crowded, stressful event, and not an optimal situation for an animal to be in. This policy does not affect ADA service animals as defined by Title II and Title III of the ADA Service Animal regulations. Regrettably, animals defined as Emotional Support Animals do not fall under this definition. Additionally, pets are not allowed inside any Convention Center space, except for ADA Service Animals as described above. Please contact hotel@furtherconfusion.org for any additional clarification on this policy.

Reservation Policies

For FC2024, we will dispense rooms using a lottery system, instead of the first-come first-served system from previous years. This gives attendees a more equitable chance at obtaining a room, without having to be online at an extremely specific time. Once the lottery is complete, any remaining rooms will be dispensed on a first-come first-served basis.

Room Block / Overflow Rooms

The availability of rooms changes as attendees book and cancel their reservations. Even if rooms look to be sold out one day, there may be more rooms available to book in the near future. Check back often if you are still in need of a room. Overflow rooms may become available as we near the start of the con, so keep an eye on social media for any announcements related to extra room block capacity.

One night deposit

All reservations are charged a one-night, non-refundable deposit. This deposit typically occurs around the last week or two of December. If your credit card is declined, the hotel will make an attempt to contact you for updated billing information before canceling your reservation.

We do not accept reservations over the phone

Please use the online reservation system on this page to ensure your reservation is processed correctly.

The hotel will place a hold on your card as part of the check-in process to cover any incidental charges. If you choose to use a debit card, you must have sufficient balance to cover this hold, and it may take several weeks for this hold to be released.

If you have questions about your reservation

Please use the online reservation system to access your record first, or contact hotel@furtherconfusion.org. Do not contact the hotels directly about your reservation until 30 days before your reservation (mid-December). Group reservations are processed through an outside agency (PassKey), and it takes time to transfer the reservations into the hotels’ computer systems. Rest assured, if you have an email from PassKey or Team San Jose, your reservation will be honored.

Special Requests

If you need an accessible (ADA-compliant) room, please indicate it on the “special requests” section of your reservation. Our hotels will make every attempt to fulfill these requests first. If you need a refrigerator or roll-away bed, you may also request that on the “special requests” section of your reservation. These requests are not guaranteed, and may incur an additional charge. Note that requests for refrigerators and tollways are extremely popular at conventions; if you need a refrigerator for medical reasons (e.g. storing medication), please let us and the hotel know. Other requests, such as specific room numbers or floors, are handled on a best-effort basis.

Transferring Your Reservation

While there is no rule against transferring a reservation, there is also no mechanism for formally transferring a reservation. If you must transfer your reservation, you are responsible for arranging any transfer of finances. You may add the new “owner” as an additional guest to your reservation through the online reservation system. Any guest listed on your reservation may check in. Be aware that you may still be liable for charges if the new “owner” fails to change the credit-card on file during check-in. Due to the risks involved to both parties, we don’t recommend transferring reservations. If you must, we strongly recommend only transferring a reservation to or from someone you trust.


The Further Confusion hotel team can be reached at hotel@furtherconfusion.org with any additional questions you may have.