Airline Options

For those of you who booked flights to the con, we’ve thrown together a brief guide to the cancellation policies for most major airlines in the area. We use the term “refund” to refer to the ability to get real money back from the airline and “credit” to refer to the ability to get airline-specific currency credited to your email/account/etc.

United Airlines

Tickets above the Basic Economy level have no change fee, and most are eligible for a refund (check your reservation page for details). Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for changes or for a refund, but may be eligible for future flight credit (minus a cancellation fee).

Alaska Airlines

Any ticket can be turned into credit, which must be spent within 12 months. Certain ticket types are eligible for a refund, but specific low-cost ticket types like Saver are not refundable and must be turned into credit. These low-cost ticket types may also incur cancellation fees, however these fees are waived if your travel is schedule to complete by Jan. 16, 2022.

American Airlines

Many ticket types are refundable - they can be fully refunded or used as credit towards a future flight. Unfortunately, Saver / Basic Economy tickets bought after April 1, 2021 are non-changeable and non-refundable, so changing or cancelling these will incur extra charges.

Delta Air Lines

All ticket types can be turned into credit towards a flight booked within the next 12 months. Basic Economy tickets are not refundable, but most other ticket types are. Basic Economy tickets will also incur a fee for changes/cancellations, except for travellers coming from specific regions outside of the USA.

Southwest Airlines

All ticket types can be turned into travel fund credit for use toward a future flight. Almost every ticket type is refundable - “Wanna Get Away fare” tickets are not. Regardless of ticket type, there are no change/cancellation fees.


All tickets can be exchanged for credit toward a future flight. Certain ticket classes are eligible for a refund. Basic Blue tickets will incur a fee of $100, or $200 if travelling from outside of the US, Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit provides either a refund or flight credit, depending on the specifics of the ticket you booked. Tickets booked on or after April 5, 2021 will be subject to a fee between $49-$99, depending on how far out you are able to cancel your flight.