Come to the Marriott 4th floor, aka the Party Floor on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights! Most parties start around 8-9pm. Doors close at midnight but some go on later with closed doors. Corridor stays clear after midnight.

Remember to be respectful of your hosts and fellow partygoers. (More on party floor policy.)

For FC2020, our party floor hosts include:

The Black Hole - The Klingon Recreational Outpost is open for business, visit only if you can stomach what the Klingons have to offer

The Communist Party - Come enjoy a stalker themed party (thanks to the current interest in chernobyl) and meet your fellow comrades (including mildly radioactive heater for warming of hands)

BABSCon - The bay area’s first (and only) My Little Pony convention, here to celebrate and share the magic of friendship with an extensive party bar menu (and snacks)

BLFC - Biggest Little Fur Con’s bringing the party from Nevada to FurCon to fill out the party floor

AdventureCru - A group of friends and performers throwing increasingly abstract themed parties each night

AwooCru - Auto enthusiasts and creators in one large party room with a social automotive and furry vibe

BASFA - Chill electronic music, chilled drinks, and nerdy conversation await you in the illegal bar in Brown Sector

Mystery Furry Convention 2000 - A laid back party where all can unwind and relax while riffing on furry films

Retrofuturistic - Vinyl all night, since there hasn’t been vinyl on the party floor in a while (all are welcome to bring their own records)