FurCon Annual Picnic

Picnic is a Go!

We are happy to announce the annual Further Confusion Picnic! As always, the Further Confusion picnic is FREE and open to everyone! Food and beverages will be provided. We would love it if you could stop by and meet the staff and other members of the community!

SUNDAY, October 2nd, 2022
11am — 4pm
Lake Chabot Park
Lake Chabot Park
Lake Chabot Park
How to get there:
17600 Lake Chabot Rd in Castro Valley, CA
Map to Lake Chabot
Map to Lake Chabot Park
We have reserved the COVE Picnic Area
COVE Picnic Area
COVE Picnic Area
Lake Chabot Fees:
Parking: $5/vehicle, $4/trailer, $25/bus.
Dog fee: $2/dog/day.
Other services and fees: see website.

General guidelines:

  • COVID-19 Policy

  • FurCon provides the following:

    • Burgers, Hot dogs, Buns, Condiments, and Charcoal
      • Due to heightened fire danger this year
        no grilling will be allowed. We are looking into
        alternative foods for this year’s picnic.

    • Various soft drinks
    • Various types of Chips
    • Paper plates, plastic cups, plastic cutlery

    • Guests may bring their own items to grill share.
    • Vegetarian options will be provided if available.

    • FurCon will only be providing non-alcoholic drinks.
      • Anyone bringing alcohol bears the responsibility of keeping it out of underage hands.
      • Absolutely no alcohol may be sold by anyone.
  • Fursuiting is allowed, and encouraged! A changing area will be provided.

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash, or under careful supervision if letting them run. Please clean up any pet waste!

  • If in fursuit, please be cautious around children and bring a handler if wandering away from the picnic area.

  • Please deposit garbage and cans/bottles in properly labelled trash and recycling receptacles. We’ll bring extra bags and boxes to toss cans in.

  • Further Confusion is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

  • Please do not bring weapons or other dangerous items to the park.

  • Please refrain from throwing flammable, toxic, and non-edible items on or in the grills (even when not in use).

  • For the courtesy of our guests, please refrain from smoking in the Picnic site, there will be enough smoke from the grill!

  • Be responsible, be safe, and have fun!

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about the Picnic, shoot an email to info@furtherconfusion.org

Hope to see you there!