COVID‑19 Policy

COVID‑19 continues to be a concern for conventions and any medium to large gatherings. After a virtual FC in 2021, we attempted to have an in-person convention in 2022 - which unfortunately, had to be canceled! With that in mind, there will be changes and new requirements in place to comply with California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Recommendations.

— Considerations —

CDPH strongly recommends proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for those attending any event with 1,000 people or more.
FC exceeds this number yearly. Also, FC is a multi-day event with many attendees arriving days early and staying days afterward.
For those reasons FC will only accept fully vaccinated attendees during our 2023 event.
All attendees will be required to show either proof of vaccination via a CDC or state issued vaccination record, or a WHO recognized record from their home country. This information will be verified at the event (no information will be stored).
Those who arrive without the required documentation will not be permitted access to any spaces controlled by the convention, including those that would otherwise be publicly accessible.
All attendees in all publicly accessible areas will need to wear a mask.
We make this distinction because we intend to have both dances and the party floor available to attendees.
All attendees will be required to wear a fabric or a disposable mask over their nose and mouth in publicly accessible areas.
This includes but is not limited to: the Dealer’s Den, Exhibition Space, Dances, FC:U!, the Party Floor (including hallways and all room parties), and all areas in both the hotels and convention center that do not place you behind a locked door, such as a bathroom stall or hotel room not used for parties.
This requirement also applies to fursuiters, so come prepared with sufficient and comfortable masks if you intend to suit!
A mask is required under a fursuit head at all times while in convention space. A fursuit head ‘wearing’ a mask is fun and cute but is not a substitute for having a mask on under the head.

Policy In Summary (TL;DR)

  • Vaccinations are required
  • If you are sick, please stay home.
  • Boosters are required unless recently vaccinated, see below
  • Masks are required
  • Masks are required under fursuit heads
  • Fursuit lounges will be open
  • Head drying fans will not be available. No fans may be used for head drying. Room fans will be in use.

COVID‑19 Vaccination

To attend Further Confusion 2023, one of the following two situations MUST be true:

Option 1 - Fully Vaccinated & Boosted as defined by CDC
You have completed an initial vaccine series and have received at least one booster dose.
The CDC considers boosters to be effective immediately, so there is no additional date restriction.
A second bivalent booster dose is strongly recommended.
Attendees 50 and older, per CDC guidelines, should complete 4 doses of vaccine (Initial series, plus 2 boosters) to attend.
Option 2 - Recently Vaccinated
You have completed an initial vaccine series within the timeframe listed in this table.
Pfizer or Moderna (mRNA)Johnson & Johnson / Janssen
Last vaccine dose received betweenVaccine received between
July 1st, 2022August 1st, 2022
December 29th, 2022December 29th, 2022
In Either Case
Proof of vaccination will be required at registration to purchase or pick up a badge.

COVID‑19 Proof of Vaccination

For United States residents, we will accept:

  • Physical CDC card
  • Photo of CDC card
  • Photocopy of CDC card
  • Digital vaccine record approved by your home state which displays the following information:
    • Your Legal Name
    • Vaccine Brand
    • Vaccination Dates

Please note that we will not accept a QR code on its own as proof of vaccination. You must be able to display the information listed above in plain text on your device.

For international attendees, please bring the document your country uses to record proof of vaccination, or a picture or copy of that document.

Any COVID‑19 vaccine governmentally approved for use in your home country will be accepted.


Masks are required at all times in convention spaces, including while in a fursuit.

Balaclavas, items made of thin & stretchy materials, and single-layer cloth masks are not acceptable in any circumstance.


In the interest of maximizing safety we are not accepting exemption requests. We will monitor changes in any official directions and update this policy as needed.

If you have asthma or a related medical condition you can remove your mask if you have a medical episode. Once the episode is resolved we ask you to wear the mask again. Feel free to reach out to a staffer if you need assistance.


Are the COVID precautions in California the same as in my state?
Every state has differences both in law and in custom. If you are concerned about specific risks, we encourage you to check with a doctor and/or research the differences to determine if you feel comfortable attending.
Where can I see COVID‑19 statistics for San Jose, CA?
Further Confusion takes place in Santa Clara County, California
See Santa Clara County Public Health Dashboard
Will there be unvaccinated people outside of con space?
Yes. Please remember the hotels, elevators, hallways, and hotel adjacent bars and restaurants are open to the public and we can’t control who will be present. Masks are the most effective protection.
I believe someone is creating fraudulent vaccine cards for themselves or others. What can I do?
To report suspicious activity involving fake vaccination record cards, please contact the appropriate government agency in your state or jurisdiction, HHS-OIG (1-800-HHS-TIPS or, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center
What happens if someone presents a fraudulent proof of vaccination at the convention?
They will be ejected from the convention, and we will contact law enforcement.
Additionally, we reserve the right to ban those attendees from future cons.
What will FC do to provide a safe environment during covid?
FC is closely monitoring and will stay in compliance with all US Federal, California State, and Santa Clara/San Jose local public health and safety ordinances and guidelines regarding COVID‑19 as relates to gatherings of our size and nature.
What is FC’s policy on vaccines for attendees?
FC is a 5 day event (often longer as people arrive early and stay later) therefore we can not accept a negative test in lieu of a vaccine. FC is requiring all attendees to provide proof they are fully vaccinated.
What is FC’s policy on vaccines for staff?
For safety of the entire convention staff, all attendees, and the venue staff, all on-site FC staff will be held to the same vaccination requirements as attendees at the time the convention begins.
How will FC verify vaccine status?
All attendees will be required to show either proof of vaccination via a CDC or state issued vaccination record, or a WHO recognized record from their home country.
A QR code on its own will not be accepted without the information outlined in the “COVID‑19 Proof of Vaccination” section above.
Will FC require masks? What about under fursuits?
Yes! Cloth or disposable masks as have been in general use during the pandemic will be required under fursuit heads.
Fursuit heads themselves do not constitute a mask, nor does a fursuit head “wearing” a mask.
You must be properly masked at all times when in public areas of the convention unless eating or drinking, as has been the case for quite some time now.
Does this policy change for minors?
As we have seen in the news and official data, minors have become increasingly vulnerable to the new variants of COVID‑19, therefore minors will be required to follow all appropriate safety protocols as defined by the CDC.
Will one vaccine out of two be enough to attend?
NO! All attendees are expected to be fully vaccinated at their time of arrival.
Depending on the vaccine received that could mean either one, two, or more injections prior to arrival.
For example, One injection when two are required is not enough to attend. Also, see Do I need a booster below.
Do I need a booster to be fully vaccinated?
Yes! The current CDC requirements include one or two boosters depending on risk group. See CDC Booster Requirements.
“I know person X is attending FC and isn’t vaccinated or has tested positive”, what are you going to do about it?
All attendees are expected to provide proof of full vaccination. Those who are unable to do so will not be allowed to attend.
How is the hotel / Venue Mitigating Airborne Virus?
As always, FC is working closely with all of our Hotel and Convention Center partners to ensure the highest level of health and safety for our attendees with obvious special emphasis on COVID‑19 concerns.
How are you altering the con layout?
All con spaces are being evaluated in terms of distancing, occupancy capacity, and air circulation/ventilation considerations including areas where queueing normally occurs such as registration, elevator lobbies, dealers den, and so forth.
Queueing areas will have minimum distancing markings.
Headless lounge will NOT provide drying racks/blowers during our 2023 event. Any air circulation fans throughout convention space are not to be used for suit or head drying.
Are inflatable costumes allowed?
No! Inflatable costumes, which require a fan to remain inflated, are not allowed.
Inflatables, without the need for a fan to remain inflated, will be allowed.
Will Monkeypox (MPX) or other (non COVID‑19 related) vaccination status be checked?
No. FC is working closely with all of our Hotel and Convention Center partners to ensure the highest level of health and safety for our attendees.
FC will not be checking or verifying non-COVID related vaccination status.
If you are sick, please stay home.


If you have questions about vaccine requirements, testing requirements, or exemptions, please contact us via email at No other inquiries will be responded to at this address.

We thank BLFC for their valuable input on our COVID Policy!