Media Policy

Mission Statement

Further Confusion is an Anthropomorphic Arts & Education (AAE) sponsored event. AAE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and charitable organization which has a responsibility to educate the public in regards to anthropomorphic arts and the resulting fandom.


Further Confusion does not impose a blanket media ban.

Further Confusion as an organization does not seek out or invite media facilitators to the annual convention as common practice.

Further Confusion has a responsibility to investigate, report and manage all media related contracts and contacts. The reputation and comfort of our attendees is held in the highest regard when interacting with all forms of media.

Convention Policy and Guidelines

  • Further Confusion reserves the right to deny access to any member of the media.

  • Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Further Confusion’s Media Relations department will investigate and determine the media source’s credentials, purpose and requirements.

  • Media Relations will communicate all findings and ongoing communications to the Convention Executive Committee.

  • The Further Confusion Executive committee will make a decision whether to allow media access once information such as the time and scope of coverage has been determined.

  • If access to the convention is granted, the press (media) is required to check in with Convention Operations (ConOps) upon arrival on convention property and prior to ANY news-gathering.

  • The Director of Media Relations or designated representative will escort the media during their entire stay on convention property.

Media / Press Requirements

  • All press must agree to the following minimum conditions in order to obtain credentials:

  • Coverage must be limited in time and scope.

  • All footage obtained at the convention must only be used in regards to the convention itself and must be used as one continuous segment.

  • Further Confusion producers, event managers, and panelists have the right to deny media access to their specific events.

  • All Further Confusion attendees have the right to refuse participation in media coverage; the media/press shall respect those rights.

  • Under no circumstances will the media be allowed to film, photograph or reproduce anything within the Art Show or Art Auctions.

  • All media/press organizations who wish to cover Further Confusion in any way must contact Further Confusion’s Executive Staff no later than the week prior the beginning of the event. The email address for contact is

Attendee Guidelines

If any attendee of Further Confusion is contacted by a representative of the media/press, they should direct the inquiry to Further Confusion Media Relations at All questions or concerns regarding media presence at Further Confusion should also be directed to this email. If you, as a Further Confusion attendee are approached by a member of the media/press, you have the right to say NO. The convention will enforce this right. If you witness any member of the media unescorted or without a visible “MEDIA” badge, please contact Further Confusion Convention Operations (ConOps) immediately. If you have any questions or comments regarding Further Confusion policies, please e-mail