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Further Confusion is proud to include a dedicated gaming room!

Gaming Room Location

Hilton, lower level

Gaming Room Hours

Friday — Sunday

  • 10am — 2am


  • 10am — 2pm

Game and Gear Pickup

  • Monady 2pm — 6pm

Frequently Asked Questions

I brought my own controller/video game/boardgame, do I need to check it in?

Please check in with the gaming volunteers so we can be sure your gear doesn’t get mixed up with ours. If you would like to lend us your gear, you can check it in for multiple hours or days of the convention by speaking with a gaming volunteer. We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Can I keep my bag with me?

For security reasons, we require you to check your bag while in the gaming room. If you need to retrieve an item from your bag, simply visit the bag check desk and we will gladly assist you!

I checked out a game, but the last person is still playing it. What should I do?

If someone is using a game during your time, please let a gaming volunteer know. We will ask them to swap out —  its only fair!

I let the gaming room borrow my games/gear, but now I want to pick up my things. Can I?

Yes! Please speak to a gaming volunteer for assistance.

If I loan you something, how do I know it will be safe?

We take an inventory of everything loaned to us. Make sure you check your item(s) in with the gaming desk, so we know we have it! We operate a bag check inside the room to prevent games from finding their way into bags, and we keep an eye out to make sure the equipment is treated with respect. Doors are locked when the room is not staffed, and we have security cameras set up. If something does happen to your item, and it is our fault, we will gladly compensate you for it.