Panelist Information

Thank you for hosting a panel at Further Confusion! We have some guidelines and information for you that may help make your panel safer and easier to present.

Code of conduct

Remember that as panelists, you speak for the convention. Help us make this a fun and safe place by respecting our attendees and reminding them to respect each other. Please take a moment to review the code of conduct in your con book or online here:

Panels must be appropriate for a general audience unless they are listed as 18+ only. Contact ConOps if a volunteer is not posted at the door to check the age on badges at 18+ panels.


  • Upon arriving at the convention, please check-in as a panelist at Con Ops - Gifts are available, and it helps us know you’re actually here!
  • Do not move chairs or furniture in the convention center, as this is within the realm of union worker control. Call Con Ops, and we’ll get it taken care of for you.
  • All projectors will take DVI, VGA, and HDMI (via included adapters). If you are in need of an additional adapter or cable for your device to use the projector, we have some available at Con Ops. Examples include: Lightning (iphones and ipads), Display Port, Thunderbolt/Mini Display Port (Macs and some PCs), USB C (newer Macs, android phones/tablets), etc. We cannot guarantee availability of adapters since we only have a limited number for check out. We request that you bring your own adapter to avoid having to make a trip to Con Ops if possible.
  • Larger panel rooms come with audio amplification pre-set in them with a microphone and line-in (for music/audio playback from phones/laptops). The volume controls will be labeled, but please be cautious of the volume to avoid feedback.
  • Smaller panel rooms do not automatically come with audio amplification. If this is desired, we have ipa77 ion tailgaters available for check out from Con-ops. (here’s the product description on Amazon). They have microphones, line-in, and bluetooth inputs, so they can be used as an external speaker for things like computers or other devices.
  • If you need any other accessories (extension cords, power strips, etc.), please contact con-ops for assistance, please do not request equipment directly from the hotel or convention center.
  • Dealing with disruptions:
    • Let them know you appreciate their input, but ask that they hold comments or questions until the end.
    • Be kind, but do not be afraid to cut them short.
  • Please arrive before your panel starts to make sure the room is set up how you need it.

Contact Information

For any immediate at-convention problems contact one of the following:

Convention Operations (Room / setup / general issues) (408) 837-5849
FLARE (Matters of safety / Crowd control) (408) 837-0391

Note that FLARE, and Con Operations can be text messaged. Don’t hesitate to contact Flare with your panel name and brief problem description if you need assistance dealing with an unruly audience member.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the programming department at