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Fursuit Parade

Our annual fursuit parade is a great opportunity to showcase your fursuit for the entire convention to see. The parade route is always lined with photographers and spectators and is a favorite among con-goers, both new and old. Fursuiters of all ages are welcome to participate, as well as those with partial suits.


The Main Stage doors will open at 1:00 PM, and please be there by 1:30 to line up. The photo will be taken around 1:55 PM, and the parade will commence at 2:00 PM.

Route description:

  1. Fursuiters are invited to join the excitement at the Main Stage, where they will receive guidance from the enthusiastic Further Confusion staff. The photo will be taken just before the parade begins.

  2. After assembling in a multiple single-file formation, participants will make their way through the doors, receiving a fursuit tag before descending the escalator to the ground floor.

  3. The parade will take a right turn towards the Hilton Hotel, traveling down the concourse of the San Jose Convention Center to where the glass doors in front of the Hilton are located.

  4. Once at the glass doors of the San Jose Convention Center near the former UPS Store, the parade will make a u-turn and travel back down the hallway to the opposite end of the concourse where the glass doors are in front of the old UPS store.

  5. One again, the parade will make a u-turn at the glass doors and travel back towards the middle of the concourse near the hub.

  6. Fursuiters will then take the escalators back up to the second level, and enter back into the Main Stage.

  7. The fursuit Parade will conclude upstairs in the Main Stage Area.

Fursuit tags will be distributed as attendees exit the Main Stage at the conclusion of the fursuit group photo. Once everyone has completed the route, we will announce the total number of participants in the parade for the group photo.