Fursuit Parade

Our annual Fursuit Parade is back! This is a great chance to show off your suit for the whole convention to see. The parade route is almost always lined with photographers and spectators, and is a favorite of con-goers new and old. Fursuiters of all ages are welcome to participate, as are those with partial suits.

The parade will begin at 3pm with a group photo by our convention photographers. Suiters should arrive early to get into position. Doors open at 2pm.

Updated route as of: 1/17/2020

The route:

  1. We will begin on Main Stage. After the photo suiters will proceed in single-file out the doors and down the escalator to the ground floor.

  2. At the bottom the parade route turns first to the left towards the Marriott.

  3. At the glass doors before the Marriott end of the Convention Center the route will turn around to the left, and exit out of the doors under the stairs.

  4. The line will then go down the ramp along the side of the Marriott hotel, towards the street.

  5. At the sidewalk, the parade turns toward the Hilton for several feet, before turning back towards the Convention Center, up the adjacent ramp.

  6. The parade then makes a loop around the sculpture in the middle of the courtyard, then continues up the ramp towards the Convention Center, and enters the main doors of the convention center.

  7. The route concludes by going back up the escalator and into Main Stage.

Fursuit badges will be distributed as attendees re-enter the Main Stage ballroom. Once everyone has completed the route we will announce the total number of people in the parade.