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Tips, Tricks, Advice

We want all attendees to have fun at Further Confusion, but we also want you all to stay safe and healthy! Whether this is your first FC or your 20th, we have prepared a list of general tips to help you make the most of the upcoming convention:

The 6-2-1 Rule

The best advice for newcomers and veterans alike is, to take it easy. Don’t try to see and do everything. It’s just not possible. Look over the schedule ahead of time and plan out your personal adventure. And especially remember the 6-2-1 rule:

  • At least 6 hours of good, solid sleep per night. This does not mean passing out from drinking too much. Drink responsibly.

  • At least 2 meals per day. Decent meals, not a paw full of Fritos and a Red Bull.

  • At least 1 shower per day. A Good shower, not just a 10-second rinse-off. If you are fursuiting make that two!

  • And in addition, stay hydrated. Drink more water than you think you need. Keeping properly hydrated makes a bigger difference than you might realize even if you are not fursuiting.


There are always unscrupulous people who will try to take advantage of gatherings like ours to try to ‘make a quick buck’. Be wary of advertisements for ‘cheaper’ or somehow ‘better’ hotel rooms or event tickets. Always use the official website for the convention when preparing your participation.

Lately, we have seen emails going to some attendees and Dealer’s Den vendors offering travel or hotel bookings at some sort of advantage by booking through them. Those companies have no affiliations with the convention or the convention venues. They are just trying to rip off your money. NO rooms or memberships are available outside of what you will find on our official website.

Personal Precautions

If your hotel is not directly connected to the convention space be careful when walking to and from the event space. While our location is generally safe it is still wise to take precautions.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.

  • Don’t leave belongings unattended. Sadly, sometimes even other furries can’t always be trusted.

  • Don’t walk alone in the dark, especially when wearing a fursuit.

  • Always have a handler when fursuiting even during the day or at least be around people who are used to fursuiters.

  • If you see something or someone that doesn’t seem right report it to convention staff.

Closing Thoughts

All of us at Further Confusion wish you a safe, happy, and fun-filled 5-days with us. Be aware, stay safe, and enjoy yourself!

Your Thoughts

If you have other Tips, Tricks, or Advice you would like us to share here please send an email to advice@furtherconfusion.org